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Top Choice Awards

Hello, everyone!

It’s a great honor to write today and inform loyal customers of New Canadian Drain’s nomination in Top Choice Awards! This is a great opportunity to spread the word about New Canadian’s dedication to quality service and helping the community far and wide.

What Is Top Choice Awards?

Top Choice Awards gathers the opinions of thousands of customers each year to inform people of everyone’s favorite companies. The process ensures that only the best of the best are brought to people’s attention so that you know who to bring your business to.

What Does It Mean To Be Nominated?

For a company to become a qualified nominee, like New Canadian Drain, they must get 25 nominations and then undergo a qualification check. To ensure a nominee is qualified to be voted for, Top Choice Awards checks over each nominee’s reputation, customer satisfaction, and environment. Because of this thorough check, you can be sure that each qualified nominee is the best your city has to offer!

What Happens Next?

Once a company has been officially qualified for voting, it’s up to the consumers and customers to decide. Every person can vote once on a company they’ve had excellent service from. It’s up to you, yes you, to let us know who you think is worth winning the Top Choice Award!

Here’s Why New Canadian Drain Is Worth Your Vote!

New Canadian Drain has been working hard to provide quality service for their customers. Their company isn’t all business though. New Canadian has been playing a vital part in helping communities in need. Their reach has gone all the way to Ukraine. In Canada’s name, they’ve funded numerous programs to help children gain opportunities they would never have had otherwise. The funding allows them to learn new skills and try new things without worrying about the expenses those activities might have come tied to before.

New Canadian has proven themselves a valuable part of the community with their dedication to every Canadian’s well-being. Your vote is valuable! Every vote gets New Canadian more visibility so that others, like yourself, can take advantage of their company’s services and support the people behind it. Every customer is a vital component in a company’s success. Your vote will help pave the way for more outreach in the future and enable New Canadian to do what it does best: care for people.

How Can I Vote?

Voting is super easy! Just go to Top Choice Award’s website and cast your vote there from the comfort of your seat. Voting is open from November 1st – January 2nd.

We all hope you have a great holiday season and stay safe through the new year!

-New Canadian Drain