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How Clean Water Affects Your Mental Health

Clean water is a luxury many people take for granted. For those living with hard or contaminated water, life isn’t as simple. It’s important to care for your plumbing so that your water maintains its good quality. I want to share with you some ways bad water can affect your day to day life. But more importantly, let’s look at this in a positive light and see how your good water is helping you live your very best.

It Lowers Stress

Showering in clean water is an amazing way to lower your short term stress. Having bad water, showering doesn’t have the same effect. The smell alone can ruin the entire experience. If you know the water is contaminated, it can even be dangerous and raise stress levels to shower in it. That’s why it’s important to keep our plumbing at its best and, if using a hard water well, install a water softening filter.

It Soothes Anxiety

Water is a great stimulation to the skin. Whether you’re taking a bath or washing some dishes, feeling water flow over you can calm anxiety. It’s incredibly relaxing to sit in a bath of warm water and close your eyes for a while. All of those things you were worried about seem to slip away. However, it’s hard to let your worries drift away when the water itself is one of those concerns. For those with dirty water, interacting with it can cause more anxiety. It’s a reminder that they have things they need to fix and that they don’t have the escape clean water could bring them. If you have bad water, take the time to contact someone who can help you with it. It might seem daunting to set aside the money or time for it, but it will help your mental health in the long run.

It Helps You Fight Depression

Showering regularly can help keep depression at bay. Feeling clean is a huge mood-booster and lessens the weight of mental illness. A really difficult part of struggling with depression is taking care of oneself, which can lead to low self-esteem.

Take advantage of your clean water and treat yourself to a warm shower. Hot water will soothe you and clean your skin and cool water will tighten your pores and wake you right up! Getting out of a hot shower to the feeling of renewal that being clean brings is such a rewarding feeling when you’re struggling with depression throughout the day.

If you’re struggling with depression and are dealing with bad water that’s making taking care of yourself harder, make it a priority to call a professional who can help you take care of the issue. If calling is a struggle, get help from a friend or family member to arrange a consultation or appointment. It’s really worth the time and effort.