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How to Limit the Potential Damage Caused By a Leaky Basement

Leaky basements are a common problem in the Toronto area; we should know, as one of the area’s leading plumbing contractors it’s an issue that we get contacted about very frequently. High amounts of annual rainfall and a general lack of attention paid to this area of the home are the primary reasons why basements so often become damp. And it’s not a problem that you want to find yourself saddled with, as besides the dreadful smell that long term dampness can cause, a leaky basement can cause some serious damage to your home. “What can I do to prevent this from happening?” you’re probably thinking. Well, there are actually a number of things that can lessen the chances of a leaky basement developing, a few of which we’re going to discuss in this article.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Property Against a Leaky Basement

Too often, people leave things far too late, waiting until they already have a leaky basement to take action. Why not reduce the risk of it happening in the first place? Here’s how that can be achieved.

  • Professional Waterproofing – Having the exterior of your basement waterproofed is a worthwhile investment if you can afford it and involves having a waterproof skin installed around the outer basement walls, preventing water from penetrating the wall, therefore drastically decreasing the chances of a leaky basement.
  • Keep Guttering Clear – When leaves and other debris is allowed to accumulate in the guttering this can also cause rainwater to build up and then be deposited close to your home’s foundations in large quantities. It’s advisable that you clear gutters at least once during the start of the spring time and once at the end of autumn.
  • Divert Water Away – In addition to preventing the build-up of large amounts of rainwater, you might want to think about how this rainwater can be diverted away from your property efficiently. One feature of most homes that is often very inefficient in this regard are the downspouts. Often rainwater exits very close to the foundations of the property and over time this may find a way into your basement, causing a leaky basement.
  • Install a Sump Pump – There are certain events, such as the storms and flash floods that aren’t uncommon in Toronto, that make it difficult to keep dampness at bay completely. In these situations, it’s a case of then removing the water that does manage to get inside to prevent further problems. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to install a sump pump. There are different methods of installing them and different types of sump pumps, but they all have the same common goal; to deposit water that finds its way inside well outside the limits of your home.

Are you worried that your home might be at risk of developing a leaky basement? If you would like to better protect your property and are seeking some professional advice, please get in touch with the team at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing. Visit us on Google+