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How to Cure Low Pressure with Water Service Replacement

water service replacement TorontoAt one time or another, all homeowners experience low water pressure while taking a shower, washing dishes, or some other activity. If you are in the shower or giving your kids a bath, the sight of water flowing at less than desired pressure can be really annoying. Low water pressure can be caused by any number of factors, such as more than one faucet or shower being used at the same time, or using the shower while the dishwasher and clothes washer are running. Even worse, low pressure could be the result of a problem outside your home, such as a broken water main. In many cases, a plumber from New Canadian Drain & Plumbing comes out only to discover the home is in need of full water service replacement.

Water service replacement is not as daunting or large scale as the name implies. We have had many homeowners ask if that means we will have to replace all pipes and plumbing throughout their home. Not necessarily. From our experience as the number one plumbing contractor in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, this is a multi-step process: Visualize inspect and test the system; Offer an estimate on services; Replace the main valve, water meter and pipe; Replace all the fixture valves; Replace all the horizontal pipes; and Replace the vertical pipes. All of these are necessary for replacing the worst clogged or corroded pipes to return water pressure to an acceptable level.

Visual Inspection and Testing the System

To accomplish this task, one or more of our plumbers will go room by room and inspect all pipes and plumbing fixtures, including sinks, toilets, and tubs and showers for signs of corrosion or leaks. It also may be necessary to inspect plumbing in the basement, crawl spaces, attic, or other areas where pipes are present.

Create an Estimate

When it comes to water service replacement or any other plumbing repair, we provide all clients with a detailed estimate on what needs to be done, the expected cost, and a timeline for completion. As a home or business owner, it is your right to see in writing an explanation of the work to be performed, and we would never take on repairs, replacement, or maintenance without a written agreement.

Replace the Main Valve, Water Meter and Pipe

In this step, our plumber will up size the valves and first 15 feet of pipe leading from the water meter, if possible. We will install two full-port one-inch ball valves with drains on each side of the new meter.
This occurs by opening the outdoor hose bib closest to the water meter. Low water pressure may be caused by meter fittings that are smaller than the pipes going into and out of it, in which case the meter itself is restricting water pressure. Assuming a larger meter is available and approved by the local utility — we would replace a 3/4 inch model with a one inch model — we will have to shut off the water main and install the new meter, along with the smaller pipe with one inch copper or PEX. Many times, the increased volume from the larger pipes is enough to compensate for restriction in pipes farther down the run.

Replace Valve Fixtures

This step in water service replacement is as the name implies. Our plumbers will go to every room with plumbing and replace old stop valves with new ball valves as well as water supply tubes. This applies to sinks and toilets.

Replace Horizontal Pipes

A good way to increase pressure as part of water service replacement is by first cleaning out horizontal pipes and, if necessary, replacing them with PEX or copper, as well as new elbows and tees. Pipes, tees, and elbows become corroded over time, and sometimes it is better in the long run to just replace them.

Finally, low water pressure may only be resolved by running new vertical pipes. This is where water service replacement can become complicated because it involves cutting holes in drywall, flooring, and sometimes cabinetry to run the new lines. This is a step we take seriously, and one we only recommend after careful inspection and trying other remedies first. Visit us on Google+

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