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Five Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains

Clogged drainsIf you have slow drains in your home, it is often easy to ignore the problem until it turns into something bigger; and the thing is, it always does. This is because slow-draining water is always a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. Clogged drains build up over time; if not dealt with effectively they will turn into a more serious problem that will cost you more money in the long run.

At New Canadian Drain & Plumbing we advise our clients to maintain healthy drains by following some simple steps. You can never entirely avoid clogged drains, but there are things you can do that will help prevent them. If you have neglected to take some of these steps, however, or if you’ve recently moved into a place with a bad case of clogged drains, remember that the professional plumbers at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing are capable of solving your problem in an affordable and efficient manner.

Maintain Your Drains

  • First of all, use a strainer or drain screen. This simple device can work wonders to keep hair, scum, and food particles out of bathroom and kitchen drains. Clear the drain screen regularly and dispose of the waste – don’t be lazy and wash it down the sink!
  • Second, never pour oil or grease down your kitchen sink drain. It will harden inside the cooler pipes, and is one of the main culprits when it comes to severely clogged drains. Instead, you should let the oil harden and dump as much of it as possible into the garbage.
  • Third, don’t pour any other substances down your drains, such as paint, glue, and wax. All of these can contribute to debris build-up in your drain system. Avoiding chemical drain cleaners is also a smart move; using them sparingly is usually alright, but in excess they can damage your pipes. Mechanical drain cleaning rather than chemical is always preferable.
  • Fourth, be sure to clean your sink pop-up stoppers fairly regularly, the same way you would other sink strainers or drain screens. Just because you can’t see the gunk, that doesn’t mean it is not there. Pull them up every week or so and get rid of the hair and dirt that has accumulated there.
  • Fifth, you can pour a few litres of boiling water down your drain pipes every couple of weeks; this will help rid your pipes of grease and hair. Adding some baking soda to the water will also help. This method, practiced regularly, is much better than cleaning your clogged drains using chemical drain cleaners.

Your Toronto Clogged Drains Specialists

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