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Why A Wet Basement Needs To Be Fixed Immediately

Why A Wet Basement Needs To Be Fixed Immediately

Lots of us have basements we’ve neglected to upkeep the way we maybe should have. When does it get to a point where we need to step in and really do something about it? If your basement is wet, it’s time. You absolutely can’t leave a wet basement unattended to or it will only get worse and more out of control. New Canadian Drain & Plumbing wants to get you informed on why a wet basement is such a big deal.


It’s A Health Hazard

Having a wet basement is a risk to your health in more ways than one. Moisture is a breeding ground for all kinds of things. Here are some ways a wet basement will negatively impact your health:

  • Mold. Mold will grow on anything damp. If your basement is damp, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve got mold starting to grow in it. Mold is a fungus and once it begins to grow, it will spread spores around the rest of the basement in an attempt to spread. These spores are harmful to your airways and can cause or worsen asthma as well as cause infections and headaches.
  • Bacteria. Bacteria love moist environments and will thrive in a wet, dark basement. The bacteria, once airborne, can cause all kinds of illnesses and infections.
  • Bugs and other pests. Having a source of water is very attractive to bugs of all kinds. This includes dust mites, cockroaches, and spiders to name a few. But bugs aren’t where the problems end. Snakes and mice are also fond of water. They’ll be quick to take up residence if they find out you’ve got a low-traffic part of the house with water available to them. It doesn’t have to be a lot of water. Mice will lick the condensation off the walls if they’re in need of a drink. Any water is too much water.


It Causes Lasting Damage

Having a wet basement is a problem when it comes to short term issues, such as pests, but the problems will multiply.

Pests like mice will leave fecal matter and urine all over the basement and in the walls. These can cause serious damage to your health in the way they affect the air quality. Not only that, mice will chew on whatever they find interesting. Their interests happen to include support beams, electrical wires, and whatever food you have that isn’t locked up tight. Mice in the basement can quickly become mice in the rest of the house. Don’t forget too, mice can make and have babies in a little over two weeks. They spread fast.

Mice aren’t necessarily going to become a problem for you if you have a wet basement, but mold is almost guaranteed. If you get mold on the cement or carpet of your wet basement, it is very likely to spread to the walls. Mold on your walls will spread to insulation and support beams. Mold in the structure of your home can cause expensive damage that costs an arm and a leg more to fix than the initial moisture problem.


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