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Affordable Leaky Basement Solutions

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New Canadian Drain & Plumbing is one of the best, most professional service providers in the GTA. Our experts are always ready to assist you at a moment’s notice, no matter whether it is a matter of clearing a blocked drainage pipe, a full-scale water service replacement, or if you need help addressing your leaky basement problems.

Our clients often ask us for tips on how to address common problems related to a damp or leaky basement, so below you will find a few of the basic issues that most homeowners will face at one point or another. For an expert diagnosis and permanent fixes, however, remember that it is always better to call in professionals like New Canadian Drain & Plumbing.

Where is all that dampness coming from?

First of all, any water or excess moisture in basements can come from only two sources: inside your basement, or outside. To determine the source, perform a simple test. Tightly tape a square of aluminum foil (on all four sides) to the wall of your basement. Check the piece of foil after two days, and see if there is condensation on the outside of it, or on the side that was against the wall. If your leaky basement problem is a very mild one and you are able to determine where the moisture is coming from, you can often take some simple steps to address the issue.

  • Try to rid your basement of excess humidity by sealing your dryer vents. Use foil tape, not duct tape; duct tape will fall off too easily and is not worth using for this purpose. Dryer vents are a source of humid air, which will condense on cooler surfaces in your basement.
  • If your Toronto leaky basement is due to some very minor condensation problems, try using a dehumidifier. Alternatively, if you have central air conditioning, make sure that the basement ducts are open. Air conditioning also lowers the humidity levels in your home.
  • A third thing you might do is try and prevent excessive condensation from happening. In order to do this, insulate cold surfaces. In particular, identify the cold water pipes in your basement and cover them with foam insulation. You can also insulate your interior walls, but this is a job that you will probably want professionals to handle.
  • To cut down on moisture coming from the outside, make sure that the land around your house is well irrigated and carries water away from the foundation, not towards it. You can also extend your downspouts so that they will carry rainwater further away from the foundation of your house. This is a particularly simple and affordable leaky basement solution.
  • Finally, you may also choose to plug cracks or holes in your foundation with hydraulic cement. Like the others, this is not a permanent fix, but it will definitely help – especially if done in combination with some of the other steps above.

Your Toronto Leaky Basement Pros

Remember that New Canadian Drain & Plumbing is the best at addressing all your basement problems. We perform on-site consultations and have a variety of solutions available for you, including extensive basement waterproofing, and installing interior drainage systems and sump pumps. Call us for a free estimate today. Visit us on Google+

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