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5 Key Factors in Waterproofing Success

waterproofingIf you’ve discovered water in your Toronto basement you’ll need to act quickly to have the basement waterproofed. If you don’t you’ll be endangering the health and safety of everyone in the home and undermining the market value of your house at the same time. When done right waterproofing of Toronto homes will typically last for years. However, if the homeowner is not careful they may not get the solution they need or problems could resurface that will undermine even the most effective water mitigation efforts.

How to Ensure Basement Waterproofing in Toronto is Successful

Having your basement waterproofed to stop leaks is money well spent. But in order to ensure the waterproofing is successful and that the basement stays dry afterward you’ll want to take the following steps:

  1. Don’t select your waterproofer based solely on price: While it may be tempting to sign on the dotted line with a discount waterproofer in a case like this you get what you pay for. The only way for discount pricing to work is for the contractor to cut corners and you don’t want anyone cutting corners when it comes to the structural integrity of your house.
  1. Make sure you understand what’s being done and why: It’s important that the waterproofer you choose is willing to address all your concerns regarding the solution they’ve chosen and be able to defend it against even the most sceptical questions. If you don’t understand what’s being done you may wind up paying for a lot of work that’s unnecessary.
  1. Don’t install destructive landscape elements: After the waterproofing company has done their job and your basement is nice and dry make sure you don’t make any changes to the landscaping that could undermine things. Having the yard graded in such a way that water drains toward the house will put extraordinary pressure on even the best waterproofing job.
  1. Don’t let your eavestroughs fall into disrepair: A major source of leaky basements in Toronto are compromised eavestroughs. Water that spills out of them and lands next to the foundation enters the ground and puts hydrostatic pressure on the walls. The newly waterproofed basement may not be able to hold off this new source of pressure indefinitely.
  1. Fix broken downspouts right away: If the end of the downspout has broken off or developed leaks it will be depositing water right next the foundation. Not good. In time this new source of water will find a way around the mitigation efforts of the waterproofing company and wind up in your basement. It might take a while but it will happen if you don’t fix the downspout.

Basement waterproofing in Toronto can save your home from structural damage and damage to its market value. It can also help prevent a host of related health problems that come from damp, mouldy basements. New Canadian Drain are the premier company for plumbing and basement waterproofing in Toronto. If you have problems with water in your basement give us a call now and let us help.